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What games will you be attending this year?

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#81 KollegeStudnet


    on like a mofo

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Posted Yesterday, 03:36 AM

*SanDiego Chargers game

#82 Best Player Available

Best Player Available

    Rogue Shill

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Posted Yesterday, 05:27 AM

Opener, .Pats*** Colts back to back. Maybe the fish in My yami

#83 billsfan_34



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Posted Yesterday, 05:36 AM

All of them until we are eliminated from the playoffs

#84 plenzmd1


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Posted Yesterday, 05:52 AM

Cincinnati game as that's a "home" one for me.

Also, one of the December home games. Probably either the Dolphins or Colts so I can potentially see a win........


Anyone within the sound of my voice: If you're coming to Cincy, PM me.

No need for PM, my fat old white behind be there with my family

#85 Billsfansinceday1



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Posted Yesterday, 05:59 AM

I bought tickets for the home opener yesterday.  Shufflin' come September.

#86 KRT88



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Posted Yesterday, 06:00 AM

The Carolina game is 2 1/2 hours away! Definite possibility but the TV experience is pretty sweet these days. Plus Mid September in the Carolina's likely means low 90's, nasty humidity. Wish that game had been week 7/8.

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#87 mead107


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Posted Yesterday, 06:06 AM

We will do the TBD parking At Hammer's Lot again this year (starting after the opener) for anyone coming into town that would like to tailgate with our group. We have been having 6- 15 cars at each game. Fun time to tailgate and get to know other TBD members.

Don't forget our TBD opener tailgate party. Watch for the signup in August.

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#88 George C

George C


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Posted Yesterday, 06:34 AM

I gave up four JKC the day they hired Rex, and I won't donate another cent until the Pegulas get their heads removed from their posterior.
The team is barely worth my TV time for three hours on Sunday, but I am still a fan.

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#89 billiever22



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Posted Yesterday, 07:09 AM

Been waiting for this one for a while living in Charlotte. I will be right behind the Bills bench week 2

#90 Hammered a Lot

Hammered a Lot

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Posted Yesterday, 07:13 AM

All 8 regular season home games. Preseason I don't know.

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#91 Just in Atlanta

Just in Atlanta


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Posted Yesterday, 10:04 AM

I don't know, but I'm definitely hoping for some ATL buffalo bills backers tickets soon.

come to the opener. Bring phili girl.
where is DrD to say he's going to atl? I've not asked him yet

#92 Boyst62


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Posted Yesterday, 10:43 AM

I don't know, but I'm definitely hoping for some ATL buffalo bills backers tickets soon.

help a brother out.


ill text wes soon asking if he's going

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#93 4_kidd_4


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Posted Yesterday, 12:04 PM

Haha nice, circle of life is right.  Glad your still carrying the torch.  I admire your tenacity. 

Trust me, my mettle has been tested the last few years. There's been several december games where I've definitively stated "this is the sunday the streak ends"....and then around 11:00 I'm like "this isn't right...must...head....to OP...."

So I've taken several last minute rides by myself, found a $10 lot and walked over to our usual tailgate corner. And the other tailgate loyalists are always like "yeah yeah, we've been waiting for you", haha. They know me too well.

#94 Real McCoy

Real McCoy


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Posted Yesterday, 01:02 PM

Jets vs Bills opener @ New Era for my 20th year in a row home opener.


Prob head down to ATL for the week 4 game with some old HS buddies.


Can't wait!!!

#95 Rocky Landing

Rocky Landing


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Posted Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Chargers at Stubhub Center. 29,000 seat stadium. Front section, 10 yard line. Should be fun.

Hopefully, there will be a decent tailgate that will exceed the disaster at last year's Rams game.

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    Practice Squad

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Posted Yesterday, 11:39 PM

Hopefully I'll be on the 50 yard line Nov. 19th to watch my Bills destroy Rivers & Lynn in front of a packed soccer stadium of 29,000...

#97 Estro



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Posted Today, 12:47 AM

Booked the Atlanta game.


Live down near Atantic City, NJ.  They had non stop flights AC to Atlanta for $85 roundtrip (Spirit Air).  For that price I couldn't resist.  Haven't booked hotel yet, but downtown hotels withing walking distance to the new stadium are pretty cheap too....$130-$200 a night.  


Probably going to be a loss, but the price and the new stadium were deciding factors.


Any suggestions for good restaurants in the downtown ATL area?

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#98 machine gun kelly

machine gun kelly


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Posted Today, 06:47 AM

None as usual. I am disabled and it is to hard for me to get around the stadium and to make matters worse the last game I attended about 7 years ago I was consistently harassed by security for parking in the handicapped lot  even when I was  checked by the sheriff at the gate before entering. To me it is not worth it so I stay home and watch on  TV and I don't have to worry about being such a burden to stadium security or anyone else.

Monk - I fly up from Tampa every year with my kids for a September game so they get to see what it's like to go to a real stadium. They look forward to it every year. My brother in law is a retired NYS CO and did security for the games for 30 years. I've recruited each year my extended family and made it to 18 last year. I'll make you a deal, you buy a Broncos ticket, and we'll take care of you. I'm sure we can help with security, and if you use a wheel chair, we'll get you to your seat. We'll find you at the end of the game.

Up to you, but happy to help if you want to see a game. I know there are 100 other guys on this board that would do the same for you, as your a true Bills fan. We argue a bit on this board, but most of these guys are good guys, just passionate about our Bills. PM me if you want to take me up on the offer.
Oh and we might go to the Bills/Dolphins game in Miami, as one of my old sales reps boyfriend works for the Dolphins so he can get me and my two sons on the field behind the Bills for free.

That should be a once in a lifetime thing for my boys.