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Free Agency Changes: All Owners MUST READ!

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 12:55 PM

Exactly. Mass auction bidding by entire positions is going to be an absolute nightmare.

Each position bidding should minimally be done by tier. Tier 1 QB's first, Tier 2 second, tier 3 third, tier 4 fourth, the the rest of the QB's. At least this way folks will have a better idea of where they stand as things progress.

Thats a great idea about the different tiers

I wouldn't say tiers is the way to go as that take too long. Yet it might work if we say bidding for your starting QB in this auction and then the next auction bid on your backup(s). That way if someone did miss the first auction they could still get someone serviceable in the second but some might see as an oppurtunity to clean up in the second auction unless we put a coveat of say in order to bid in the 2nd auction you need to have a player from the 1st or pay an extra cap hit on the guy you get in the 2nd etc. It's a tough call as if we do this with every position it could take a month or so to complete rosters whereas if do by positions as a whole we could have the draft done in 10 days or so. I can see the pros/cons to both ways so if I were to offer a solution is that we make the first auction for starting QBs as that will at least better serve where most are thinking and/or where people fall in terms of cap and the following auction other QBs but after that we might do positions on the whole to save time like originally planned by R. Rich. Ultimately it's up to him as he has to sort out rosters and salaries and enter them into the simulator etc.

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