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Verizon refuses to honor bound two year deal

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Posted 02 November 2015 - 10:36 PM

As some of you I used to work for Verizon but was laid off in June when they moved the work to India.

Several months later they cancelled my employee discount FIOS and started billing me over $200 a month without notice even when they were advertising $99 a month plans.  We called and finally they agreed to new 2 year contract with a penalty for cancellation; we were going to cancel Verizon service without a change.


This is email from them on new contract:





On October 31 we get our bill and it is completely different - we call and it is supposedly a "billing error" and support person from India says it will be corrected.  Later same day and again it is wrong - Total Amount Due: $204.41.  We call back and the new person can not explain what caused issue but said the contract was cancelled (not by us) and that rate was no longer valid so they quoted us the best price they could. We stated we had an email showing an agreement above and we were pushed to supervisor.  She told us the contract was a billing mistake and they were not allowed to sell that rate to us but due to "circumstances" they would wave the early termination fee.


Items we dispute.

1. We did not cancel contract - initial person claimed we did but it was done by them

2. We never received any notification until I saw bill in email

3. We were bound by a 2 year agreement as supervisor stated but they can get out of it any time when it does not fit.


If they had contacted us back next day and said it was not valid we would not be as mad but we were ones who caught error on this and they would been glad for us to autopay bill at inflated price.


Note: This is not first time we caught them in this kind of mistake but is most severe; earlier we tried a DVD box from Verizon but it was not compatible.  We returned it but they continued billing us. We called twice and first time it was remioved from bill but it appeared again.  Second time they told us we never returned equipment but we had receipt for equipment returned and they needed to take off bill again and this time it stuck.



Any advice other than not use Verizon?  Already told them I never agreed to new rate. We terminated the auto pay and email billing but there is no way to guarentee they will even do that.  I believe I pay with credit card and may dispute bill with credit card company.

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