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Auction Draft Question

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Posted 04 August 2016 - 09:28 AM

So my buddies and I are starting a dynasty league and we are doing a live in person 12 player auction draft.



Has anyone ever conducted one of these before?


How does the process work? Like is each round a certain position? Player by player would take too long wouldnt it?








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Posted 05 August 2016 - 12:23 PM

We've been doing a live auction for 15 years. Of all my leagues, the auction is by far the most fun and "prestigious". We rent the conference room at nearby hotel, bring wings, beer, and snacks. It takes us about 4 hours to complete. The process gets slower and the trash talk grows wilder as the beer coolers get lighter. My sister is the sales manager at the hotel, so the room is practically free. They provide tables and chairs which we arrange in a square circle. They also and provide paper plates, utensils, etc. There is a huge TV that we can hook a laptop to. The conference room has a small kitchenette which is awesome.


Its very simple. Here is the explanation from our commish:


We have a $100 cap (cost to you is $20).  We also have a $20 free agent limit

Basically the auction starts by someone throwing out a player and a price (“Tony Romo, $1”) we then go around the room and you have 2 choices 1) raise the bid by a minimum of $1 to whatever you want in $1 increments or 2) Pass. Once you pass on a player you are out and cannot bid on that player again. This continues until there is only one bidder left and he gets the player. Then the process repeats until we’re done. You must have enough $ left to bid on enough players for your team. We have software that will display your max bid.

Once the season starts you can bid on free agents online using ESPN with a minimum $1 bid. Bidding on ESPN is set up at $100 so you need to multiply by 4 (free agent #1, $6 is $1.50 in real money).

We play 14 weeks and the top 4 teams make the playoffs. Playoffs games are 2 weeks total combined.


Auction League Fees: $33 per team = $330 total

$18 goes to each playoff spot ($18 x 4 = $72)

$10/week goes to the high scorer ($10 x 12 weeks = $120)

$108 goes to the League Winner

$30 goes toward trophies and the NEW plaque


Transaction fees (from the weekly free agent auction) go to the League High Scorer


What I don't know is how the teams are loaded into ESPN after the fact. And the bolded part above is important. You must keep enough in the bank to finish out the draft. If there are 4 rounds left, you must have at least $4 left. One of our egg heads wrote some software that keeps everyone's talley.

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