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Any way you slice it Kaepernick represents good value

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#441 ExiledInIllinois


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Posted 23 March 2017 - 10:20 PM

$50k when he earned how much?
I gave $20 to charity last month.  Do I get called a hero?
The guy is a grade A looser.

How many tuna sandwiches and green beans will your 20 bucks buy an 80 year old?

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 10:25 PM

$50k when he earned how much?


I gave $20 to charity last month.  Do I get called a hero?


The guy is a grade A looser.

Don't call someone a looser.

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 10:28 PM

How many tuna sandwiches and green beans will your 20 bucks buy an 80 year old?

$2/lbs for green beans, I don't know the price of tuna

#444 ExiledInIllinois


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Posted 23 March 2017 - 10:42 PM

$2/lbs for green beans, I don't know the price of tuna

50k sure the hell buys a lot of slices of meatloaf and pudding cups too!

#445 Dante


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Posted 24 March 2017 - 10:02 AM

Guess who just donated $50k to meals on wheels :)

Cost of doing business. Agent probably did it for the marketing arm of Kaepernicks fortune. Kaepernick probably didn't even know about it.

#446 Meathead


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Posted 24 March 2017 - 06:39 PM

because Kaepernick wasn't saying anything hateful or racist? 


oh yes he definitely was


he was working off the narrative of the baiters, most prominently BLM. that narrative paints america as systematically racist, and specifically white america. they assume this is still 1970 and act like we have that eras problems, when we dont


white america isnt todays primary problem when it comes to race. the automatic assumptions made by blacks and enabling whites, as well as the widespread black racism against whites, is really where we are broken today

Honestly, I think the 2 main components are disrespecting the flag (and by extension America) and declaring America a racist country. You're always going to invoke the deep resentment of the flag waving patriotic crowd with the former, and a lot more people are sick and damn tired of being called racist. And there is a lot of overlap in those groups.

The young, entitled, half-black, multi-millionaire celebrity whining about being oppressed is always going to turn people off, but guys get away with that all the time. The wholesale slander of the country generally took this to another level. That he dragged it onto the football field hits the fuktard trifecta.


this is just flat out true


we took the  broad brush that we rightfully took away from last cycles whitey and we have now given it to blackness and enabling whites. a broad brush is a broad brush is a broad brush


we finally managed to get whitey to limp across the finish line, now the disease has sprung up on the other side

This country has a deep history of racism against blacks. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation - how can you argue otherwise??? Unfortunately, police treatment of blacks has long been an instrument of that oppression. While there are complications related to crime incidences and gangs, there has still been enough high profile evidence to call for more analysis and discussion, which is all Kapernick was doing. 


Honest, open discussions about race, including silent protests, are an important part of our continued national healing from our dark past. 



if this was 1980 i would agree


its not


the data does not support the idea that todays law enforcement is universally biased against blacks. whatever pockets we do have remaining is not license to paint all cops with that biased brush

Calling for reforms of police tactics, particularly in this era of increased militarization is a reasonable request. 


yes it definitely is


but thats not bc cops are biased against blacks. its bc cops are sometimes dicks and go too far

Mistreatment of blacks by the police has been going on for decades. What changed recently was the increased use of smartphones to capture high quality videos of these acts and mass sharing of them on the internet. 


as horrible as those instances were, the data says those were isolated incidents. we know similar incidents happened with white suspects but we dont have those videos and the public doesnt even really care even if we did


whites getting mistreated by cops simply doesnt generate the clicks that black suspects do


the bias is in us, not the cops

#447 KD in CA

KD in CA

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Posted 25 March 2017 - 12:12 AM

there is a reasonable school of thought that someone in his position can do more as an activist by maximizing earnings and investments and then donating than they could ever dream of doing if they retired to "full time activism." Suiting up on sunday is likely the most impactful thing he could do as an activist right now.

also, in his down time he has taken up a ton of low key projects.

its ok to say "i dislike his stances, but he seems to genuinely believe them and want to back that up." Sometimes he does that really well, and sometimes he misses the mark. i dont think hes a fraud though.


No doubt, because it keeps him in the public eye.


I don't know the guy so can't opine on how genuine he is, but I strongly suspect he wouldn't have put up with all that crap if he didn't really believe in his protest.  And regardless, he didn't do anything wrong, kneeling is his right.  Now I couldn't care less what he does during the National Anthem, but obviously some people do, and those people feel just as genuinely in their opinions as Kap does in his.  And therein lies the real issue with the Alphadog PC-rant above.  


He distills everything down into the narrow view that anyone who doesn't genuflect at Kap's feet is just wrong and probably a racist.   And for some reason I really set him off with the mention of Kap's effort to rehabilitate his public image.  It seems rather naive to think that regardless of what other motivations he has, Kap wouldn't be aware of the potential positive impact on his reputation at a time when he's looking to stay in the NFL.   Apparently that's because Alpha views the act of marketing oneself as some kind of dodge for shady people, which shows a odd lack of understand of the imagine-driven world around him.

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Posted 02 April 2017 - 04:33 PM


In a democracy everyone has a right to say what they believe, including opinion that's contrary to your mighty belief. One point - he's broken NO LAW. This is STILL a free country right?  He can do whatever he pleases without breaking law. And there's a strong history of stars and athletes advocating varying causes.


Second point - the UNIQUE thing about United States of America since dark ages is that it OPENLY ALLOWED Political DISSENT. Now you're going to shame him for expressing his opinion on treatment of minorities? From the outside looking, that's what's wrong with America, and why it's gone backwards, not what made it great. 


It's OPENNESS to People of varying backgrounds, its OPENNESS to ideas, its OPENNESS to dissent and political debate, and that consequent dynamism is what MADE USA great in the last century (amongst other things including Geography). This kind of non-sense will lead to its decline. Which will make rivals like China and Russia only too happy. 


Now let's just get back to FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree!

I don't give a rats ass what he thinks is right or wrong, or what hurts his feelings! He gets paid to play football, not to display political points of view. Stand for our flag or get to hell out of here if he doesn't like the treatment. Maybe some place else might suit him just fine, but I highly doubt the pay will be the same.