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Benoit's tweet about Hyde and how it relates to 2017 Bills D

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#21 TheTruthHurts



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 09:34 AM

Teams are in the nickel far more then people realize...greater than 50% of the time, across the NFL.  


It's why the discussion of 4-3 vs 3-4 is largely irrelevant these days.

Basically this. Nickle is the new base, been like that for years now.

#22 JerseyBills



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:38 AM

Hyde was a tremendous signing, he can not only play S,nickel and outside but he can excel at all 3. I'm much happier we signed him than Gilmore for 14m a year.

I also think Darby/Seymour can grow to be an excellent duo. Rex put so much pressure on CB's in particular, I expect a big years for those 2

Back to Hyde, he really is just a complete football player. He's maybe not elite at any 1 aspect of being a DB, but very good at all aspects- coverage, tackling , forcing turnovers. Suprised GB didn't re sign him, always respected his game when watching the Pack play.

#23 WhitewalkerInPhilly


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 12:33 PM

McDermott may only use two LBs but they need to have great coverage skills while the CBs are playing zone.

IMO LB is a much bigger need than CB because none of our LBs are great at coverage right now. Really hope we get Zach back.

I'm sorry, what?

Brown isn't phenomenal in coverage, and we have no idea about Ragland, but in no way do I see that as worse than our DB situation.

At the very least we could throw Brown, Ragland and LorAx out there, but right now our CB starters are Darby and Seymour. We need help, fast.

#24 wilcoam



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:29 PM

If Hyde will be used as a nickel back, and we will be in nickel and dime 65% of the time

Yes I concur, and I am 100% convinced it will be a nice upgrade on NRC, and a turn into a solid but signing


Problem is Hyde was a very expensive FA signing and is getting serious S/C starting money, not nickel money  

Even though he is not a proven NFL ready starting safety or cornerback

More a nickel slot CB who subbed in as starting C when there were injuries

GB had two much better starting safeties and preferred other corners to Hyde starting 


So I cringe a bit when folks insist he will be one of our starting safeties

He's unproven 

So I'm not yet convinced he is an upgrade over Graham and or a healthy Williams

Willing to be proved wrong but it'll have to be by play on the field not on a message board or off season hype

And it does not preclude using a hight draft pick next month on a starting safety  



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#25 Bill_with_it



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:31 PM

One of Whaley's best signings. Now if Darby can take the next step in becoming a lockdown #1 cb, and we get our lb corps down I think our defense will at least be top 15ish if not better. Now we need to address rt, lb, wr, and depth issues.