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Predicting the NFL Season

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 01:44 PM

XRushX, if you see the Bills as horrible you still have to match them up to the reality of the NFL schedule. They aren't playing the Pats or other top teams 16 times. A third of the NFL will be rancid as always, so the Bills will not be punished as they should for a lot of their games. We've seen a 2 win team in Bufalo and this team is way better than those seasons.

#22 Dr. Who

Dr. Who


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 01:47 PM

Plausible guess at where the Bills end up.  The worst possible outcome, really.  Pain and absolutely awful are just assessments.

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 03:09 PM

You guys are being way too nice. If it wasn't for the Jests I could see us losing them all. Our Thursday game with the Jests in the dumpster bowl can determine who gets the top pick and I can see maybe 2 OMG how did they win that game type season to get us to maybe 4 wins but 7 wins?? Sorry man I just don't see it. I can see a 1-6 start to the season if the Jests really are that bad.
Trade Tyrod and get something for him before the season starts. To continue the fight just to try for a 7 win season is a bigger loss of a season then a 4 win season in my opinion considering how many teams will be fighting for that top draft pick for a QB in that 2018 draft.
What games do the Bills win to get 7?
I'd imagine your saying the 2 Jests games
Then what Indy without Luck?
Denver? Saints? SD? Bucks?
I just don't see it.

Jets x 2, Dolphins home, Denver, Cincy, Indy and Tampa.

And as I say... I am not liking that outcome... but I do not think they are going to tank.

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 03:41 PM

No GM has done more to completely demoralize a team three weeks before a season opener than BeanO.  If we lose week one to the Jets, which is unlikely but possible, this team could go 1-15, because nobody could lose to this Jets team twice.  


Week One -- Very possible Glenn & Matthews don't play, Matthews will not have practiced at all in any case.  


Imagine if TT breaks an ankle tripping over the sideline chalk in the next couple of weeks....

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 04:06 PM

No GM has done more to completely demoralize a team three weeks before a season opener than BeanO.  If we lose week one to the Jets, which is unlikely but possible, this team could go 1-15, because nobody could lose to this Jets team twice.  


Week One -- Very possible Glenn & Matthews don't play, Matthews will not have practiced at all in any case.  


Imagine if TT breaks an ankle tripping over the sideline chalk in the next couple of weeks....


Fan Base yes but team who knows?  I don't think anyone of us know the mood of the locker room right now.

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 04:33 PM

....nice work GB...very thorough analysis.......

#27 Best Player Available

Best Player Available

    Rogue Shill

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 04:42 PM

I have never done this on this board before but I have had a go at predicting the whole season and where teams end up record wise.... so here with one or two sentences of my reasoning for each is how I think the regular season goes.  I'm gonna have some fun coming back and seeing how wrong I was in January.   :lol:
Patriots: 14-2 - This is one of the strongest Patriots teams Belichick has ever had and the divisional competition all look in different stages of disarray.  So long as Brady is healthy they are the Superbowl favourites.
Bills: 7-9 - I think the Bills as currently constituted have too much talent to tank but not enough to make a playoff run.  
Dolphins: 7-9 - I'm concerned whether the loss of Brandon Albert has been properly covered for on the offensive line and they are going with a Quarterback who has always been boom or bust.  A step back for Miami.  
Jets: 2-14 - This is a terrible Jets team that might field one of the weakest offences in NFL history. Their defensive front still has some talent but there are questions behind that and the coach appears to be a dead man walking.  
Steelers: 10-6 - Still the class of a division that has taken a step back over recent years.  Martavis Bryant's return adds some pop to the offense and whether this team will be a true contender depends on whether the young defense takes another step.
Ravens: 8-8 - If Flacco ends up missing more that a couple of games this team could get much worse in a hurry but they remain exceptionally well coached and have made some good free agency moves on defense that will keep them at least competitive.   
Bengals: 6-10 - Offensive line is a mess, defense took a step back last year - where is the pass rush coming from? Dalton remains an average Quarterback and they will need rookie John Ross to step up quick as a running mate for AJ Green.    
Browns: 6-10 - I see some hope for Cleveland. They are young and not without talent and they restocked that offensive line which has often been their 1 redeeming feature in recent years but struggled last season. Lot will depend on Kizer if indeed he is the Quarterback.  
Texans: 10-6 - Their defense should be special up front and they will continue to be hard to score on. Can some combination of Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson manage the offense sufficiently for another division title?  If Brock could, they can.
Titans: 10-6 - Mariota is an ascendent Quarterback, their running game is excellent, they are incredibly efficient in the red zone and their defense finds way to manufacture pressure.  This is a playoff ready team.  
Jaguars: 7-9 - Marrone will make the Jaguars tougher and if their defense really clicks they will keep a lot of games close.  The offense is a huge question and Blake Bortles is at the heart of that.  Expect Fournette to get a lot of carries.
Colts: 6-10 - If Luck is not healthy this is a bottom 5 team.  Their roster lacks talent al round and they are winning no games with Scott Tolzein at quarterback.  If Luck plays all 16 games they won't win fewer than 8... I just don't see him playing all 16.  
Raiders: 11-5 - The Raiders defense does worry me a bit but they play the AFC East which should help keep them in double digit wins with the weapons they have on offense and Carr back healthy.  
Chargers: 10-6 - The Chargers are a dangerous team on a 4th place schedule. Their defensive front has a lot to like and they still have a franchise Quarterback in situ.  If Anthony Lynn can get the run game going they could steal a playoff berth.  
Chiefs: 9-7 - The Chiefs feel like a team about to enter a transition but they play such solid consistent football in all 3 phases with so few mistakes it is hard to picture them collapsing.  
Broncos: 4-12 - Their defense should still be pretty dominant but it is hard to make a case for liking much on offense beyond two excellent wide receivers who they might struggle to get the ball to.  A lot of low scoring losses is my prediction.  
Giants: 10-6 - I am not as high on the Giants as some but their defense is absolutely legit and I fancy it to shut down the offenses in this division.  If Eli keeps the turnovers down and they find someone to run the ball then they could make a title run.  
Redskins: 8-8 - Playing the NFC West will help boost win totals across the East and I see Washington around .500 again.  The defense looks a little improved to me and so long as Kirk Cousins has Jordan Reed to throw to they will move the chains and put up points.  
Cowboys: 8-8 - I think the loss of Zeke coupled with more tape being out there on Dak will hit the Cowboys offense that was so reliant on those two as rookies.  The defense remains okay not great and has a totally rebuilt secondary that will need time to settle.  
Eagles: 8-8 - Not as high on Wentz as some but the acquisition of Alshon Jeffrey gives him a shot to take a step and Jim Schwartz remains a premier DC with talent to work with. Their downfall might be division games where I am not sure they "match up" great against the other 3.   

Packers: 12-4 - The Packers should dominate this division again and playing against the AFC North might boost their record too. Their corners remain a sore spot on defense.
Lions: 8-8 - I like the Lions talent on both sides of the ball - offensive line issues not withstanding - their challenge has repeatedly been putting it all together in a way that works. Right around .500 feels right. 
Vikings: 7-9 - The Vikings are a really solid football team I just don't know where the "big play" guys are on either side of the ball.  Lot of tight games to be expected.... I suspect they lose a few late.  
Bears: 4-12 - The Bears appear determined to start a Quarterback that almost nobody believes is really good enough.  That feels odd to me when John Fox's job must be on the line. Jordan Howard is a stud but the rest of their offensive weapons stink.  
Falcons: 11-5 - I know they have changed coordinators on both sides of the ball and they have a heartbreaking Superbowl loss to get over, but they return almost their entire team that went so close to winning it all last year.  They will still be good.
Saints: 10-6 - Not everyone is high on the Saints but I like their free agency moves and I liked their draft. My gut tells me they are going to make one last post-season run in the Drew Brees era and I think their defense will be just enough improved to make that happen.  
Panthers: 9-7 - I still think the defense is very talented at all 3 levels and I like the moves to add more speed and variety to the offense in Curtis Samuel and Christian McCaffrey but this is going to be a tough, tough division.     
Buccaneers: 8-8 - Really expected to have the Buccs higher but playing a second place schedule just makes it that little tougher.  Offensive line and defensive secondary remain works in progress.  Need a better sophomore year from 2016 1st rounder Vernon Hargreaves.  
Seahawks: 10-6 - I feel like the Seahawks window might be closing but this division is so bad around them that they almost certainly win it.  The offensive line continues to be a major issue for this team and I still hate that Unger for Graham trade as much as I ever did.  
Cardinals: 6-10 - If Seattle's window is closing, Arizona's has closed.  Carson Palmer is on his last legs they lost their best defensive lineman and their own Head Coach has questioned the hunger of their young wide receivers behind Larry Fitz.  On the brink of a rebuild.  
Rams: 6-10 - If Jared Goff's pre-season form carries over this might be a little low.  The left tackle upgrade will help but blocking remains a concern in both the run game and the pass game.  
49ers: 4-12 - I think the coaching in San Fran will be a lot, lot better but the roster just isn't talented enough.  This is a long term rebuilding project and results in year 1 will show that.

Pretty good. I think you underestimate the Bucs though. They could contend in the division this year IMO. And the Bills at 7-9 is painful.
but certainly right in their comfort zone.

#28 8-8 Forever?

8-8 Forever?

    Fingers Crossed ?

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 04:58 PM

I hate this, nothing personal.



if we finish 7-9 I'm going to be incredibly unhappy.

unless TT becomes Russell Wilson in the process, 7-9 simply guarantees the same record next year.    gee great.  

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#29 Webster Guy

Webster Guy


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 06:14 PM

I will convey something I heard this afternoon from a friend of mine who works for the Rams as a communications guy:


Goff needed four things:   More time to throw, better targets to throw to, more time to absorb the complexities of the pro game, and for Gurley to regain his rookie form.


He said all of those things are appearing to shape up this summer.   Sammy, Robert Woods, Kupp, Tavon Austin a very nice group, they have a stud LT this year and the O-line looks vastly improved, Goff is more decisive and comfortable, consistent footwork and accuracy, and Gurley looks poised to have a much better year now that he probably won't be seeing a stacked box virtually every play like last year.


He said put them down for at least 8 wins this season as a surprise team on the rise.