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I'm done with Tyrod Taylor

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 08:34 AM

Lol, that's a good point.
I don't even want them to draft a QB high next year. There are to many teams that are going to Finnish worse then us to get the top guy. We are going to get stuck with another over drafted bum like Losman or EJ. I have no faith in this team to either identify the right QB, or coach him once they select him. I want to take the chiefs 1st round pick (right now) and trade it for Cousins. Then you get a guy that's still young and you know can play. You will avoid him going into FA and signing with the 49ers. You extend him right away so he's happy and you put him with this years defense and see what's what. You also still have your own 1st for next year and a ton of other picks to build up the line and WRs. I don't want them to put all their eggs into a rookie. They won't take the right guy, or the right guy will already be drafted. Trade the KC 1 and whatever player or other mid pick the redskins need to unload cousins. They are going to get nothing for him at the end of the season anyway. Give them Tyrod for the rest of the year this year, I don't care.

Great idea (if you can guarantee this is the way it would all go down)!  Would the Skins do it? Would Cousins sign an extension with Buffalo? Would Kirk have anybody to throw to or the time to throw it? 


I'm not denigrating the idea, just wondering out loud.

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 09:27 AM

As has been told to certain people till the horse is throught he glue factory
passing stats are only on part of TT's game.....you have to include ALL of his stats including rushing yards and running tds
Now....a clunker like last week is gonna be a real problem...that is my problem with TT right now....consistency

consistency? - as in being very good in 8 or more and stinky in only 2 games and not his normal which is the opposite as we've seen the past 2 1/8th seasons. 2 great games and 6 to 8 stinky games.

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 01:54 PM

28th and 30th in passing in a passing league. Yea, it was super successful...



ill give you a pass for the Rigby avi so I wont smoke you, but you do know we were bottom in the league in pass attempts right, a car thats driven on the weekends is gonna have less miles then a car driven everyday.