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If The Scheme Isn't Broke Why Change It ??

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Posted 22 September 2017 - 12:25 PM

Yeah.   I am thinking that way too.
One possibility nobody is talking about or expecting is this:
It is entirely possible that at some point this season, this offense is going to start clicking and they are going to start executing it at a high level.
I know that seems extremely unlikely after witnessing the Carolina game - nonetheless - stranger things have happened.     It could be that Dennison's offense is taking too long to learn for the players - or that he way underestimated how long it would take them.
Time will tell.
Who knows - maybe they come out one game and lay down a beat down on offense that has everyone scratching their heads questioning themselves and their opinions on what they thought the real problem was.   The Bills will start running a lot of shotgun with 4 and 5 wide - and the QB will start gaining yards in big chunks.
And it could even happen with Tyrod at QB.     I know nobody expects that.     Fingers crossed it happens this Sunday.   Gotta hope right?
That would change a lot of people's opinions (including mine) about whether Dennison is any good or not at his job.   Right now his offense looks washed up.

I hear ya, and hope we start clicking as well in the new scheme. However, it still doesn't excuse changing a scheme when you've been #1 in the league 2 straight years. Period! Now we're hoping something works opposed to something that was proven to be great. Just let that sink in. It's ludicrous! I wish someone in the media would ask McD or Rico what their thought process is to change up a huge strength of this team.

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Posted 22 September 2017 - 12:27 PM

ego.  every coach thinks they are the best and their system is the best.  also they usually only know that 1 system and that's it.  the decision makers bringing these coaches in are the ones that are goofing up by changing systems every 2-3 years.  then you are stuck with the wrong personnel that don't know the playbook and you have to try and fit a square peg into a round hole.


I dunno if it's as simple as ego. I think you coach what you know. The best coaches know more and as such, can adapt their schemes more.