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Great read on the Chiefs' collegiate spread offense

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 06:49 AM

It did however, seem very possible that the FO could do a reasonable job keeping the offense intact and maintains its production. Coupled with improving the defense that had been ruined by Rex. I believe that is what many fans expected or hoped would happen.


Could they have kept the Offense intact? Of course...they didn't "have" to trade Sammy, or let Robert Woods walk, etc. BUT, they didn't fit the vision for this team and now with the information Sammy admitted himself, you can see how the character of "team first" wasn't conducive to their philosophy. So, if the fans expected the Offense to be the same, then they weren't paying attention. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, McD and then Beane did when they came on board were counter intuitive to what Buffalo was experiencing for YEARS, they did a full reverse and course adjustment. Anyone who thought they were just going to take the broken pieces of the Offense and make it their own, wasn't listening, reading, or watching their actions. Also, they never said they would take the pathetic Offense and make it better, they HAVE said, "It's a process"....meaning, it takes action and time. 


Edit: It took the Sammy and Darby move for me to understand why they kept Tyrod: they didn't want a new QB this year learning to play with pieces that may not be here next year, i.e. Clay and McCoy, only to need to adjust in year 2....I think they want a QB who can develop and learn with other young / Rookie WR / RB like the old days when you'd get a QB or WR or a RB in 1st year and then add those other pieces in subsequent years, like Kelly / Thomas, Aikman / Smith, Montana / Rice, etc.....

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 06:59 AM

So.... how'd that college offense do?